I am based out of Squamish, British Columbia and am a keen enthusiast for travel and the outdoors. I have an extensive background in adventure tourism and outdoor recreation which has put me into situations where different personalities, environmental conditions and changing locations all come into play. This makes adaptability one of my strongest assets. Throughout my life, I’ve held on to photography as one of my most passionate interests and have continued to improve my skills as part of my daily activity.

After many exciting years working in different countries across the globe, I decided that photography was to become my main focus and attended schooling at The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in British Columbia, Canada. I have since been introduced to several genres I would have other-wised overlooked. From fashion to food, product to photojournalism, I now incorporate lessons from all into my current work. Through the means of photography, I have been granted access to a wealth of knowledge that not only pushes my career forward but my personal development as well.

My goal now as a photographer is to explore my local environment and share the experience with my community.